My name is Ian Maxwell TOMES, now aged 73.  My working life was in the British Army infantry and I retired, as a Major, after 36 years service in early 1995.  I am married, my wife is Swiss and we have two sons.  One has followed me into the Army and the other is a personal fitness trainer.  My wife and I now live in Somerset, not far from Cheddar Gorge.

 I first became interested in studying just my own family’s history in the mid 1980s and ‘published’ a Pedigree in 1987.  My family can be traced back to a Warwickshire village, Long Marston, with certainty, to 1525.  Around 1993 though my interest developed and since then I have widened my studies to cover TOMES families throughout the world.  I am a member of the British Society of Genealogists and Guild of One Name Studies

 In 2000, Andrew TOMES (of a quite different TOMES family, that can be traced back to Stewkley in Buckinghamshire, in the late 1700s), founded the website  Andrew though is not a family historian.  He really set up the website for fun and to see what happened.  Over the next few years though, I made a number of contributions to Andrew about our family history and which he kindly added to the site and which effectively developed into TOMES family history one.  Regrettably though circumstances changed, Andrew could no longer run the site and in late 2005 it effectively became moribund – although occasionally since then it has been ‘found’ by the occasional web surfer. 

 Although this is a new site, it owes much to the previous site and much of the content of this site was in that site.  Andrew though does not wish to ‘re-activate’ his site and is fully supportive of this new one.  So much so, that he has kindly arranged that anyone connecting onto his site will now be automatically redirected onto this site. Sincere thanks though must go to Andrew who started the whole idea and got it working.


Please contact me at either:  (or)

14 Saxon Way, Wedmore, Somerset, BS28 4AG, ENGLAND


The Site at present has the following other Sections:



Use this section to leave your messages.  Primarily these should be to advertise queries and where you are looking for assistance from others.  You may, of course, leave other messages if you think they will be of interest (eg perhaps about new web sites found).  Please though don’t leave message such as ‘Greetings to all TOMESs from Tom Tomes in Australia as they really are rather meaningless and serve no purpose.  Messages that are considered quite unsuitable and in bad taste will be removed.



A ‘History’ of the origins of the name TOMES, especially in England, but with comments on its distribution in other countries.



Notes on the (often misunderstood) ‘Coats of Arms’ and ‘Crests’ used by TOMES families.



A listing of the TOMES Pedigrees of different TOMES families that I have compiled over the years.



Notes on the abbreviations and layout conventions used in TOMES Pedigrees.

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